Tabrifics Tablet

Deliciously blending nostalgia and modernity - Tabrifics® Original Tablet.

Each packet of Tabrifics® Original Tablet contains three individually wrapped pieces of a special and unique, decades old, family recipe Scottish tablet. 

This is the smoothest, lightest and most flavourful Scottish tablet in the world, making each piece a special of treat experiences.

Only the very best ingredients are used in this decades old tablet recipe, and the special production method ensures you are getting only the very best. 

All product packaging is fully recyclable. 

72g (1x square = 24g) 


Sugar, Sweetened Condensed MILK, Whole MILK, Non-hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, (Rapeseed, Palm), Butter, (MILK), Glucose Syrup, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin

Gluten Free - Nut Free - Vegetarian