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The multi-coloured spraypaint stencil of a pheasant is a unique piece of art.

Signed, titled, and part of a limited edition, each layer of colour is applied with a hand-cut stencil to create dimension.

This pheasant is an iconic representation of a country game bird native to many regions. Its remarkable plumage is highlighted through the vivid layers of spray paint, producing a striking urban homage to rural avian life.

Each piece is printed on A3 (approx. 30cm x 42cm) 250gsm card with fade resistant paint, hand stencilled, embossed, and sealed with a biodegradable slip for protection.

Bell's Galleries

Hand-produced limited edition art by Dylan Bell Spraypaint, stencils and screenprints offer an endless range of possibilities in finish and application, both for the collectable numbered editions on paper that Dylan produces, the one off pieces on aluminium panel and wood, and the paste-up street art. The steps involved in planning and executing these pieces, on both the layered stencils, screen-prints, and original paintings, have been a great challenge and Dylan is looking forward to developing ideas further through larger format works and themed exhibitions.