A.S Apothecary

Mint & Charcoal Hamam Soap

The Hamam soap is a product unique to A.S Apothecary. It is a souffle textured soap paste perfect for combining massage and cleansing.

The Mint gives it a wonderfully fresh scent, the charcoal and clay give it glide, essential for massage and for effectively deep cleaning the skin. Refreshing, soft and utterly decadent.

  • Mint cools and cleans whilst also regulating oil secretions and leaving the skin glowing
  • Charcoal offers mild exfoliation and a reduction in pore size
  • Single origin Olive oil for the triterpenes to promote collagen production


The ritual of the Turkish hamam is cleansing at its very best. At home it's a little harder to achieve without an attendant to wash and scrub the body for 45 minutes with a rough kese cloth. However using our Hamam Soap you can achieve a luxurious body cleanse, massaging it into the skin with one of our cloths or mitts until the soap turns from black to silver and then rinse off to leave the skin wonderfully clean and refreshed. The soft texture of the soap invites scooping from the pot which is an utterly pleasing way to start the ritual.

It can also be used as a soap for shaving - the design is such that the razor glides over the skin avoiding post shave irritation.

How to use

Simply scoop from the pot and apply to the skin generously, massage in until the colour changes to a silvery grey and then rub enthusiastically with one of our Cleansing Cloths or Mitts. Rinse off with warm water and follow with the Body Lotion.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Charcoal, Green Clay, Peppermint essential oil