House of Rothach
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Our candles are expertly hand-poured using our unique blend of plant waxes and premium oils, resulting in a luxurious and long-lasting fragrance that will elevate your space. Our 18cl candle will burn for approx. 35 hours.

House of Rothach

House of Rotach | Candles, wax melts, linen sprays, room sprays and other home fragrance made with 100% natural wax, vegan and hand poured in Scotland.



Raspberry, Thistle and Woodsmoke – some typical Scottish scents from the glens. It encapsulates the stillness and calmness of rural Scotland.


Chai, Vetiver and Woodsmoke have been fused together and resulted in a special fresh outdoor blend. It’s fresh, outdoorsy with a slight hint of freshly cut grass in the background.


Tobacco Blossom and Black Tea make up this modern floral fragrance. Imagine a strong cuppa and the perfume of beautiful flowers being brought in by the shallow countryside breeze.


A beautiful sharp citrus lemongrass fragrance with a sidekick of ginger which is perfect for summer or if you are just looking for a little sunshine in your life to lift your mood. It will fill any room with a wonderful fresh, zingy vibe.


Velvet-like amber, incense and musk are heightened with sweet orange in this seductive scent. This fragrance creates an ambience of warmth, sophistication and style. It is the ultimate luxury.


A luxurious scent that combines the richness of oud with the refreshing zing of bergamot.


Escape to the spa and find your inner peace with the calming Mandarin & Sandalwood. Zesty notes of mandarin harmonise with the soothing, woody essence of sandalwood while beautiful, sweet florals captivate & calm your senses.


Known for relaxing and balancing properties, both physically and emotionally. Promotes a feeling of relaxation/wellbeing with detoxifying & sedative effects. We love relaxing in a bath by candlelight then laying down into a lavender-spritzed bedding for a very restful night’s sleep.


Can help relieve stress and anxiety and well-known for its hydrating properties. It can assist in preventing inflammation and quelling dehydration. It can balance the oil production of your skin to which may help remedy acne breakouts. This spa-like scent is a good de-stressor after a long day's work.