Scott's Apothecary

Jasmine & Pink Pepper

Jasmine & Pink Pepper: relaxing, calming and sweet

Infused with seven pure essential oils, this is the sweetest candle in our range, using the scents from Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, both oils being wonderful for balancing, calming and supporting good sleep.

With more base notes than the other floral candles, this is a scent that keeps on giving, with the sweetness balanced with woody resins. This is a beautiful rich, slightly exotic scent to have in a bedroom or living room.

Jasmine: balancing & calming

Ylang Ylang: balancing and supports good sleep

Cedarwood: balancing & calming

Lavender: calms the mind, supports better sleep

Patchouli: balancing

Pink Pepper: enhances alertness and stamina

Coriander Seed: carminative, restorative